March 28, 2006 - October 18, 2011

Good-bye Bruce.  We miss you already. Sorry you had to leave so soon. We will always remember the happy and fun times we had together. You were a great companion and we were so proud to have you in our family. Rest in peace Bruce. We will always love you. 


Saturday was the third 5 Peak race, and in my mind it was the best one yet. Sundre only seemed to have one hill, but it was sure a fun one to run! This trail didn't have a lot of elevation or flat ground - mostly rolling hills, which I liked. It also didn't have any single track where you couldn't pass, so I didn't get struck behind a bunch of people like the last Canmore race. I'm really enjoying theses runs this year and will be sad when they're over. The only negatives I have about this race was was the lack of potties and the usual post race snacks. 

The potty situation. The results page shows there where 265 people that ran the race. Let's assume that each runner brought an average of one support person to cheer them on and watch. This would mean there were about 530 people at the race. This would not include kids (there was a kids race) or volunteers, so let's add another 70 people to this to even it out to 600. Okay, so 600 people were there. How many porta-potties do you think would be needed to support this number? keep in mind that including the kids race, at least half of these people were competing and would most likely need to use the loo before the race. The answer is four! One potty for about every 150 people. Now let's say that all 265 racers wanted to use the loo before the race. Let's also assume the average potty going time for each person was one minute (and that would be a quick one). This would mean that it would take almost 4.5 hours for everyone to go. I wonder how many people missed the race cause they were in line for the loo? I know I almost did. I ran straight from the loo to the start of the race! So the lesson in this story is to show up 4 hours early or use the loo somewhere else before you get there. 

Now for the post race snacks. Dorito munchie mix, cookies and bagels, need I say more? The bagels I understand (I know how runners like their carbs), but how could anyone think that cookies and doritos would be a good post run snack? Seems so weird to me! 
Munchi mix in
disposable cups

Buffet of bagels, cookies
and fruit for desert

Workouts for the week
I was able to squeeze in workouts on Sunday and Monday, and hoping to get one in tonight. Sunday was beautiful day to bust one out in the Pound. JEFFF hung out with Elle in the gravity chair and I did a running snatch wod. Yesterday I was able to fit a quick shoulder press and row sprint wod in before the 6:00 class at The LAB while Elle slept in her car seat. Not sure what I'll do tonight, but I'll keep you posted. 


Thursday already! Where has the week gone? 

Hmm...looks like other
babies are doing it...
I went to my first "play group" with Elle on Tuesday. Elle doesn't play with other babies yet and neither do any of the other babies in the group. It's more of a play group for adults to talk about their babies to other adults -"my baby does this, my baby does that...does yours?" The reason I went was because they had an infant nutritionalist in to talk about introducing solids to babies and I wanted to hear what she had to say. So, my take away from the play group was that I could start feeding Elle Bison. Really!? At 4 months!? Anyone have any thoughts on this? I think it's kind of a big jump to go from milk to bison, but what do I know? And, how does one get bison smooth enough to drink? Actually, I know the answer to this - the Vitamix (I think this is what it was called) blender. We saw a demo at the Stampede and this blender does everything from heating soup to liquifying bison meat. Anyway, more about the blender later. Elle has not had her first bite/sip of bison, yet...but I'll keep you posted if she does. 

As for workouts since Tuesday, I've been taking it easy. Yesterday was a long stroller and hound walk, which is a bit of a workout in its self when you think about pushing a giant stroller with a frantic 13lb baby inside and then have two 50lb hounds on leaches tied around your waist! Tonight I will probably go for a run, but we'll see how the day does. Might even try running with the stroller (sans hounds), as I think Elle is ready for some speed. 


Where has the time gone? It's been just over a year since this site was started and my what many tails have been told. I have neglected this site for a while and I apologize - there is still a lot happening around the Pound these days and I have not been sharing. I will try to do better.
Elle and I doing the triple
Helen at the 2010 Games. 
This time last year I was 6 weeks pregnant and competing in the CrossFit Games. I bet Elle is the only baby that can say she competed in 2010!! That is if she could talk, of course. It was also this time last year that I believe I was in the best shape of my life, and my goal when I found out I was pregnant was to get my pre-games body back by the end of July 2011. This date is only a couple weeks away, but believe me I'm not there yet. It's been a lot harder than I thought to find the time, energy, sleep and proper nutrition to workout (hard), but I'm doing the best I can and I am now able to fit in about 4 wods a week. Sometimes I have to be creative, sometimes they involve the baby and sometimes they're really short, but they are all wods no less. So listen up all you baby Momas out there, you can find the time to workout and I can help - follow me on my journey to get back in shape and you will see. I will also keep you posted on my activities each week starting today. It's Tuesday and I have already fit in two workouts. Sunday was a fun one for me. JEFFF's parents wanted some Elle time, so I used this free time to ride tommy (my bike) to the outdoor pool for some lane swimming in the sun. So much fun! The bike ride was 5km each way and I swam 1100M total. Monday (unfortunately) was not  in the cards for me. Elle had me up three times the night before and I was running on about 4 hours of solid sleep, so wodding was the last thing I wanted  to do. Today (Tuesday) was a better day. I was only up once last night, so I got more sleep and I'm feeling much better. Today's wod was done in the evening while Jefff had some Elle time at The LAB. It was a doozey that JEFFF had done earlier in the week - 570M Run, then 72 reps each of push ups, pull ups, wall balls, KB swings, deadlifts, then another 570M run. It was a long one, but it felt really good to do. AND, I beat JEFFF's time!! I'll keep you posted on the rest of the week, but I'm hoping to fit in a short run and an easy one and then rest up for the 5 Peak Race on Saturday - the 3rd of the year! Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted! 


Just another morning at the Hound Pound...
Get that bacon on the grill, JEFFF! LTP is working
hard for her breakfast. Everyone should have an
Ardyne in their kitchen! 



Elle - Recovering post wod
We'd like to welcome and introduce you to all to the newest addition to the Hound Pound, Elle. She arrived early and delivered at the Hound Pound on March 14th! She's a tough little lady and will be hitting up the workouts in no time. In the meantime sHELLy will be working hard to get her "pre-Elle" and CF Games body back. If you or any new mamas you know are looking to get back in shape after baby, join sHELLy this summer for outdoor MomFit classes. Bring your babe and get your bod back fast. Classes will start up in May, email sHELLy if you're interested.

In honour of Elle and her speedy arrival at the Hound Pound, I'd like to dedicate a workout to her. This one is similar to the one I did on March 14th!

For 2 hours:
1:00 Airdyne sprint (all out)
1:00 rest

March 11th, 2011
March 15th, 2011